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Water Information Reporting

Help & References
Water Information Reporting

Water Information Reporting

Water Information Reporting is a map-driven system allowing users to:

·         Locate measurement and monitoring sites held in the department’s water information systems (Groundwater, Meteorological, Surface sampling and Stream Gauging sites)
·         View details for sites such as identifiers and names, coordinates, depth reference points and borehole information
·         Examine summary information on the measurements and samples collected at sites, classified by variable type and data category
·         Extract data such as site details, water quality and water levels for chosen sites, for further analysis.
How to Use
  • Use the map interface and searching / filtering tools to find sites that are of interest to you.
  • Select identify tool and left-click on a site to bring up its details, along with summary information about the data collected at the site, and links to individual site reports.
  • If you require further data extracted, add the site to your site cart. (Please note there is a 1,000 Site maximum).
  • Once you have finished selecting sites, submit your data request, provide some delivery details and then choose the data reports you wish to run.
  • The data reports will be either emailed to you, or if too large, made accessible from the Department’s FTP site (instructions on downloading will be provided by email)

Information on this website changes daily and is provided as a free public service in the interests of better water management. No warranty is made or implied as to the quality of data or its fitness for intended use. Please refer to our disclaimer and copyright for further details.

System Requirements

Please ensure that JavaScript, and cookies are turned on within your Internet Browser.  Should you require further information or technical assistance, please contact one of our water information officers.

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Reference Information

  • WIR User Guide: Detailed user guide for the Water Information Reporting System. (includes the Quick guide). File: WIR User Guide.pdf  (4mb)

  • Glossary:  Definitions for terminology found in system documentation and data.  File: Glossary.pdf
  • Reference Codes: A data dictionary of the codes used in reports (PDF Format).  File: reference_codes.pdf
  • Variable and Analysis Method ListsListing of all variables measured, and the analysis methods and instruments used to obtain themFile: variablesandanalysismethods.xlsx
  • Project Details:  Details on the projects (sampling programs) that may be referenced in some of the data reports.  File: project_details.pdf
  • Metadata Statement:  Details are provided on data currency, how the data was captured, how it should be interpreted and contacts.  File: WIR Metadata Statement.pdf

Disclaimer and Copyright

DWER Copyright and Disclaimer document File: WIR_Copyright.pdf